Generally, the EMT Class in San Antonio Texas can range from 150-200 hours and includes, lecture, practical skills, hospital time or time on the ambulance/fire truck. See our EMT Program Information section if you are looking for more information about our specific requirements for the program. 

The amount of time it takes to become an EMT in San Antonio is no different than for the remainder of Texas and the rest of the country. The difference depends on the specific course that you take to get EMT certified. At EMSU, you can finish your class in as quickly as a few weeks with our EMT Boot Camp course and you can take as long as 4 months to finish it with our Traditional EMT Course. The most popular EMT class that people are taking these days is the EMT Fast Track course which is just three weeks. There are also night and weekend Accelerated EMT classes that you can take — lots of options.

Fortunately, we currently have the ability for students to attend the lectures entirely online and then you just come in on the weekends to finish your required practical skills. It’s important to note, that these skills aren’t just required by us, they are required by any program offering the EMT program in Texas. They are required by the National Registry of EMTs which determines who can become an EMT after you pass their cognitive examination. Because the state of Texas is an “NREMT” state, it’s required for you to pass this test in order to be certified as EMT. 

With the right amount of time and dedication, you can become an EMT. 

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