Being an EMT can be challenging, but that’s one of the things that makes it rewarding. It takes time, patience, and a certain skills set (which can be developed) in order to make a good EMT. Anyone can go through an EMT class, but it takes a special person to be an EMT. In order to get the most out of your experience as an EMT, you need to build a strong foundation. This starts with picking the right EMT program. Our EMT programs focus on quality of education for each student. This means, that you will be provided with the tools necessary in order to succeed in your Emergency Medical Technician Training class and it is up to you to use those tools in order to successfully complete the course. 

The level of difficulty also depends on what method of class you take. Currently, EMSU has 4 different types of courses which have different paces that will determine how difficult your class will be. The first and most popular class is the EMT Fast track course which is completed over a 3 week period and is can be completed by anyone with the right amount of time / effort dedicated to it. You will need to be able to study during the week to ensure you are successful in the course and near the end of the course, it’s recommended to take our practice examinations and quizzes in order to be ready to take the National Registry of EMTs cognitive exam which is required to be a successful EMT. 

Besides the EMT Fast Track course, we also offer the EMT Boot Camp class which is a lot quicker than any other method and is generally designed for previous EMTs, Paramedics, or other healthcare professionals. But again, with the right amount of time and effort dedicated to the class, anyone should have a decent chance of passing the course. 

If you are looking for a slower paced course, the EMT Accelerated class is completed over a 2 month period and is taught either on the weekends or a few evenings a week. Finally, the Traditional EMT course is designed for working professionals and is generally from 6-10PM. This method of instruction is less intensive, but still rewarding. 

With the right amount of time, dedication and attention, anyone can have a shot at passing the EMT course.