No. The answer is no. Nobody is too old to become an EMT. But I empathize with your doubts. You may be wondering; 

“Won’t being an EMT be too severe on my body?”

“Will it be awkward to be the oldest person in my class?”

“Has my ship to start a new career sailed?”

“Will I look ridiculous around these young kids?”

The answer to all of these is NO! This type of thinking is counterproductive. Let’s take a walk on the brighter side;

Your Age Doesn’t Define You
Many people above 50 years old rock at being EMTs. And don’t worry about feeling old— this job is killer on the spine— everyone feels old!

You’ll Bring Maturity and Patience to Your Team

Having real life experience will help you make smarter decisions under pressure. A lot of young people become EMTs straight out of high school and burn out quickly because they can’t process the conditions without real world experience and coping skills. Here is where your years come in handy..

Being an EMT Will Only Motivate You

After a few days on the job, you’ll be inspired to take care of yourself better— you’ll be surrounded by patients in agony because their body is breaking down. If you make the choice, these real world occurrences can grant you gratitude that will motivate you to do a better job with yourself. You’ll begin eating healthier and taking care of yourself with the highest level of self respect. This steady routine will help you turn away from unhealthy habits, helping you slow the aging process.

Age is just a number and you’re never too old to start. If you’re hardworking, diligent, and willing to learn— being an EMT is right up your alley. Thanks for reading!