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EMS 202: Emergency Medical Technician Course Items
Book/Resource Name Cost Buy Now
EMT Course Packet (Includes All Required Materials Below/Comes with 2 Uniforms) ***Recommended*** $547.50 (plus tax)
Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured" 11th Edition by AAOS $175.00 (plus tax)
EMS University Online (Electronic Resource) **Required** $195.00 (plus tax)
Uniform T-Shirt (2 Recommended, 1 Required) $40.00 (plus tax)
Clinical/Vehicular Scheduling Fee $55.00 (plus tax)
Blood Pressure Cuff $35.00 (plus tax)
Stethoscope $40.00 (plus tax)
Penlight $10.00 (plus tax)
Pocket Mask w/Oxygen Port $20.00 (plus tax)